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Sunroad deconstruction air conditionerSunroad deconstruction air conditionerOn Saturday, October 20, an aerial photo reveals what's behind the white curtain. The roof is being dismantled by jackhammers and torn apart. Click on the image to view a larger version. Check out the AOPA web cam; left image was captured 10:37 10/15/2007.


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Mayor Sanders announced on August 23, 2007, that the Airports Division has been "moved away from" Land Use and Economic Development to Business Operations.  Mike Tussey now reports to Rick Reynolds, Assistant Chief Operating Officer.  See the 5-page memo to Council outlining this and other airport-related changes.


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Read a white paper on the Sunroad controversy about why it got so political.


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City of San Diego, CAASD, AOPA, FAA, Caltrans
all seek to eliminate a Hazard to Air Navigation through
Sunroad lawsuit

DSC00298_1.jpgThe FAA determined that the 12-story office building being constructed near Montgomery Field was a hazard to air navigation.  California law requires a permit from the Division of Aeronautics to build such a hazard.  California law also considers a hazard to air navigation as a public nuisance.  The developer insists they have all the building permits and vested development rights from the City to build.

To protect the airspace around Montgomery Field and to force the developer to comply with the law,  the City Attorney of San Diego has filed suit against Sunroad Enterprises. 

This CAASD web site contains the most complete collection of information about the lawsuit that we know about.  See the Sunroad Lawsuit page.

For details about the lawsuit, contact Gerald Blank, 619-238-1111 or <gblank at>.  For details about the web collection, contact Rick Beach, 619-920-2120 or <rick.beach at>.  For offers of support, please contact Rick Beach.


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Community Airfields Association of San Diego (CAASD) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a voice in support of the two San Diego city airports, Montgomery Field and Brown Field.

CAASD members agreed to four priorities:

  • Advocate for affordable aviation services
  • Encourage user-friendly airport leasing practices
  • Secure the long-term viability of the airfields
  • Promote safe and quiet flying

CAASD takes action!

Thanks to the membership and dedicated leaders in the organization, CAASD has already established momentum for improving aviation at our San Diego airfields:

  • CAASD grew out of the concern and outrage at the City actions not to renew the lease for Gibbs Flying Service, when over 300 people attended the City Council Committee meeting
  • CAASD works with the Airports Advisory Committee (AAC) to explain the financial state of the Airport Enterprise Fund
  • CAASD leaders also participate in the AAC subcommittee on RFPs and leasing practices that works with the City to improve the process for developing our airfields
  • CAASD co-hosted with EAA a forum for candidates for mayor of San Diego to learn about their vision for General Aviation and the two airfields
  • CAASD plans several ways to engage the community surrounding the airports, bringing people into the excitement of flying through the Young Eagles program, community open house events and an airport ambassador program
  • CAASD hosts this web site as a cost-effective means of communicating to our members and the community.

Membership in CAASD is open to all who support making general aviation more accessible, affordable and beneficial to all in the community.

Note: while CAASD is a California non-profit corporation, it is not yet a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt corporation under federal law, such that donations are presently tax-deductible. That application is being done. CAASD is hopeful it will be approved. If it is, donations which pre-date the approval will be deductible, and confirming letters will then be sent.

If have questions and would like to receive further information via e-mail, please send a message to


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Welcome! CAASD publishes information about both city-owned airports, Brown Field and Montgomery Field, on this web site. Use the menu bar above or the navigation box at the left to learn about current issues and challenges, to find out about events of interest, and to participate in CAASD. Use the Forum link to participate in lively discussion with other airport users.

Join CAASD and support the preservation of two vital airfields for the San Diego community.


 Board of Directors

Richard Beach

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Airfield Business Development
Bob Basso

Derrik Cullison

James Aldrich
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